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Interactive. Virtual.

Are you an architect and want to impress your exclusive clients with something more than just classic 3D renderers? Do you want to give them a virtual reality experience? Want to change the time of day, season or weather in your presentations? Do you want to pursue your creative work and not to deal with the technical aspects of visualization? Whether it should be a visualization of interior, exterior or entire residential block for developers, nothing is a problem!Contact us and we will create such a visualization for you!

What our visualization can do

  • change of time of day
  • change of the season (the trees turn yellow in autumn, they fall completely in winter, the landscape falls in snow)
  • weather change (clear / cloudy / rain / snow)
  • cars, cyclists and pedestrians can ride the streets
  • animated people doing different activities will bring life into your presentation – the secretary is on the phone, the boss is presenting something to colleagues in the conference room, the worker is working with a jackhammer, the child is playing on the playground … no boring static 2D cutouts
  • all rooms will be “occupied” as if they were used by real people – there will be rolled-up papers, coffee mugs on the tables, pizza and utensils on the kitchen counter…
  • we will also revive the environment – birds will fly in the sky, fish can swim in the lake, cows can graze on a side meadow…
  • switch between walking and flying
  • everything is fully interactive (like a computer game) – no pre-rendered sequences
  • possibility to present both on a standard monitor and in virtual reality glasses
  • of course we can also create classic renders, panoramas and classic and 360° videos
Our ArchViz
Our ArchViz
Our ArchViz

How does it work

  1. You create your design exactly as you are used to in SketchUp, Archicad or Revit (but it can be almost any other program that can be exported in some standard format. The main condition is that it is a design in 3D, not just 2D drawings).
  2. You will contact us and we will arrange the details together.
  3. Send us your data. We will review them and, if necessary, discuss the necessary and recommended adjustments.
  4. We will start working on creating a virtual tour. Of course, we will consult the whole process of creating the presentation and send you screenshots and videos.
  5. We will hand over the completed tour.
  6. You present it to your customer who will be excited :).


Single man’s flat in industrial style

[wpvr id=”855″ width=”100%”]

This sample project is modeled purely in SketchUp and is based only on objects downloaded from SketchUp makretplace. This affects quality to a certain extent, because these models lack certain requirements to make them a photorealistic tour, but on the other hand it corresponds to the quality you get if you let us to create a tour based on data coming from SketchUp, which is probably the most popular among architects and interior designers.

You can go through the apartment either on the web 360 degree tour above or you can download its version for Windows below. Then you can walk around freely, play music, turn on lights, etc., just like in a computer game.

In the near future we will also prepare another demonstration project that will focus on maximum photorealism.