Road bell

Silniční zvon

Road bell Project details We scanned a road bell for Castolin. From the scan, we further reverse engineered a CAD model and performed accuracy and deformation analysis. The data will be used to manufacture the new bell. Used technology Laser scanning with Leica RTC360 Client Castolin s.r.o.

Narziss und Goldmund

narziss und goldmund poster

Narziss und Goldmund Project details For the German film Narziss und Goldmund, we scanned film sets and real places and film sets at Hardegg Castle in Austria. Used technology Laser scanning with Faro Focus S150 Photogrammetry. Client Mia Film / Jumping Horse Film Links Page on IMDB

Bořislavka Center

5np h 01

Bořislavka Centrum Project details We scanned the grooves for the placement of decorative mouldings in the Bořislavka Centrum complex. Used technology Laser scanning Client Giga-line

Unsere Wunderbaren Jahre

unsere wunderbaren jahre poster

Unsere Wunderbaren Jahre Project details We scanned several streets in Pilsen and Duchcov for the upcoming film Unsere Wunderbaren Jahre. The scans will be used for matchmoving and scene extensions. Again, a method of combining laser scanning and photogrammetry was used. Used technology Laser scanning with Faro Focus S150 Photogrammetry Client LUGUNDTRUG VFX Links Page […]

Villa in Ladronka

Villa on Ladronka

Villa in Ladronka, Prague Project details For the private owner, we scanned the construction of a villa in Ladronka, Prague, in order to design the glass cladding and document the actual condition (ie how much the actually built work differs from the plans). Scanning was performed using a Faro Focus S150 laser scanner. Used technology […]

CHMI – Hungry stone and flood signs in Děčín

Hladový kámen v Děčíně

Hungry stone and flood marks in Děčín Project details For the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), we scanned the so-called “hungry stone” and flood markers in Děčín. A hungry stone is a stone that is only visible when the water level in the river is very low. In the past, this heralded the arrival of drought […]

The Quake

The Quake movie poster

The Quake Project details For the Norwegian film The Quake (originally Skjelvet), we scanned film sets for use in camera tracking and visual effects (VFX).The set was scanned twice in total – first undamaged before the earthquake and then once more after the earthquake. Again, the method of combining photogrammetry and laser scanning using a […]

Keirin cycling stadium Tokyo

Keirin girls

Keirin cycling stadium Tokyo Project details For our Japanese partner, we processed a 3D scan of the cycling stadium. The scan was used to create an advertising banner and in a virtual reality application. Used technology Laser scanning with Faro S150 + photogrammetry. We didn’t do the actual scanning, just scans processing. Client

Staircase – railing design

Schodiště color ramp mesh

Staircase – railing design Project details We scanned the newly built staircase for the private owner. Our scan then served as a basis for the design of the decorative railing. Scanning was performed using a Faro Focus S150 laser scanner. Used technology Laser scanning with Faro Focus S150 Client Private owner


genius poster

Genius Project details We had the pleasure of scanning Mr. Geoffrey Rush, who played the role of Albert Einstein for the National Geographic Genius series. Used technology  photogrammetry Client Stillking features Links Page on