ESRI commercial

3D sken náměstí pointcloud color ramp

ESRI commercial Project details We scanned an intersection and adjacent streets in Ústí nad Labem for ESRI’s “See What Others Can’t See” advertisement. The scans were then used for matchmoving and scene enhancement. Used technology Combination of laser scanning with the Faro S150 scanner + photogrammetry. Client a52 Los Angeles Links Finished commercial on […]

Keirin cycling stadium Tokyo

Keirin girls

Keirin cycling stadium Tokyo Project details For our Japanese partner, we processed a 3D scan of the cycling stadium. The scan was used to create an advertising banner and in a virtual reality application. Used technology Laser scanning with Faro S150 + photogrammetry. We didn’t do the actual scanning, just scans processing. Client

Klarna: Smooth Bass

Klarna smooth payments

Klarna: Smooth Bass Project details For the Klarna: Smooth Bass commercial, we did a full-body scan of the actor performing in it. Used technology Photogrammetry Client Important Looking Pirates Links Project page