Laser scanning (lidar)

Faro Focus 3D X330

Faro Focus 3D X330 laser 3D scanner


  • Laser class 1 (safe under all conditions)
  • Distance accuracy up to ±2mm
  • Range from 0,6m up to 330m
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Integrated compass
  • Altimeter / height sensor
  • Scanning in direct sunlight
  • Usable for bigger objects

Suitable especially for:

  • Scanning of buildings and entire complexes of buildings, historical monuments, film backdrops, sculptures etc.
  • Digitization of cultural heritage
  • Reverse engineering,building plans for buildings with missing documentation or with documemtation which does not match the reality
  • Documentation of the condition of the object, documentation of reconstruction works, differential comparison of the state before and after the reconstruction
  • Verification of the actual state (whether the construction corresponds to the documentation)


Sony A7R

Sony A7R photogrammetry 3D scanning
  • Fullframe sensor
  • Resolution 36Mpx
  • Multiple lenses covering focal range from 14mm to 300mm
  • Excellent dynamic range
  • Arduino driven turntable for automatic small objects scanning
  • Usable for scanning in all sizes



Laser scan:


  • certified, very high accuracy
  • naturally in correct scale


  • low res, bad colored texture
  • hard to scan narrow spaces
  • often not possible to scan high parts (roofs)
  • expensive



  • great texture quality
  • easier to cover narrow spaces


  • need to set right scale
  • less precise




  • best precision
  • best coverage
  • best texture


  • longest postprocessing time
  • most expensive

Output models parameters

  • Undecimated mesh can have more than 1 billion polygons
  • Texture resolution up to 16384x16384. Multiple textures possible
  • All standard formats (OBJ, FBX, Maya...)


Drone 3D scanning

We are a company that realizes the importance of constant development and self-improvement. In the near future, among other things, we are going to offer you scanning of large objects (mainly buildings, landscapes, quarries, etc.) using UAVs, that allow us to realize scans regardless of their height or scale. (We are able to provide this service now, but with the use of an external subcontractor. In the future, we will do it by ourselves.)